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Anxiety. Depression. Developmental trauma disorder. ADHD. PTSD. Early life trauma. Bipolar. Complex trauma. These or similar diagnoses or labels may have been given to you.  At Carolina Mountain Counseling, the diagnoses are not important. Helping you be the best you can be IS important!

Stressful times and life transitions can knock us back. Daily activities feel overwhelming. We become confused. Getting through each day is a challenge. You might need just a few therapy sessions to help you get back on track. Or, you might be ready to tackle some of the larger issues in your life in order to function at your best.


Many of the issues addressed at Carolina Mountain Counseling relate to early life traumas such as inconsistent or absent parents, serious medical procedures, witnessing domestic violence, being abused–physically or emotionally, lengthy hospital stays, unavailable birth parents, time in an orphanage, or a myriad of other difficult life situations that are considered traumatic and confusing. These adults or children often suffer from anxiety, chronic grief, depression, chronic stress, or secondary PTSD. Adults with a difficult childhood may struggle with parenting, anger issues, or communications. And children with a challenging start to life need all the help they can get to move past those difficulties.

The goal is to help you move forward with new skills and confidence!

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Sessions are currently being done partly online along with some in-office sessions

Treatment Issues
  • Attachment Issues

  • Complex trauma disorder

  • Anxiety issues

  • Depression concerns

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