Life Coaching with a Creative Nudge

Tiny, Fun, Creative Activities Woven into Each Coaching Session

Yes, life coaching is partly about talking, but sometimes our brains and nervous system need an alternative way to process information. Your life coach, Susan Ward, has a background in art history, museums, decorative arts, and creativity. Sessions include tiny creative activities lasting from 30 seconds to a few minutes of creating, reading, and admiring: art, words, poems, shapes, colors. All activities are meant to stimulate your thinking and reinforce new ways of looking at yourself and your world. If your goal is just to talk, Life Coaching with a Creative Nudge is probably not for you. 

Anxiety in the Face of Coronavirus/COVID-19

We're all anxious about our health, jobs, children home from school, relatives, and more. Learn new skills to support yourself during these stressful times. Complete 1-3 life coaching sessions that focus on daily practical skills to help reduce your stress and remain positive and effective in your daily life.

Life Coaching is NOT Therapy

Life coaching address short-term daily stressors and challenges, providing immediate tools to implement. A life coaching session might result in a list of five daily tactics to increase a sense of positive well-being. A therapy session, on the other hand, might examine the roots of why a chaotic childhood with an alcoholic father triggers inappropriate anger in work settings, and provides short-term coping strategies, all of which will be delved into in future sessions. 


The primary life coaching formats are Zoom and phone calls. Clients fill out a short 3-5 sentence session preparation questionnaire before each session. This info helps make each session as productive as possible.


Life coaching sessions are not covered by insurance. Clients pre-pay via PayPal. Sessions are one hour long and are are $90. Pre-paid multiple-session discounts are available.  

Contact Susan at 828-450-0300 text/phone or

Life coaching is for you if...

You need a nudge, a few reminders, or some support as you shift to feel stronger, more confident in the face of daily life stress.


You've undertaken therapy in the past and feel that you need some support to get back on track.



You're looking for encouragement as you navigate the daily life upheavals in the face of COVID-19.


Your life path could use some creative nudges to push you to make positive changes in your life.


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