Depression and anxiety

Shift gears. Reduce your depressive symptoms and/or your anxiety. You'll learn new skills and develop new knowledge and awareness about your brain and the brain-body connection. Whether your challenges are recent or long-standing, I'll help you move in a new direction where you feel better about you!

Adoption & Foster Parent Preparation

Even if you've read the books, even if you've attended trainings, even if you've spoken with other foster and adoptive parents, you probably don't have the full story. Schedule a few sessions with Susan, an adoptive parent, a past foster parent, and a respite provider and therapist to 100s of adoptive/foster families and get the rest of the story! Learn the skills you need to be a strong foster or adoptive parent!



"I've been to lots of therapists over the years. I love the fact that Susan is always learning! She attends conferences and webinars, reads, and confers with other professionals.

-Adoptive mom of three

Attachment Trauma Therapy for Individuals

Address the triggers from your past and present so you feel calmer, happier, and more in control of your life path. I'll encourage, support, and nudge you to become the best you can be! 

Workshops, Trainings, and Consulting

Attend learning sessions about therapeutic parenting, family communication, attachment, trauma, and more. Have Susan and a colleague train your school about becoming a trauma-attachment sensitive school. Contact Susan about providing consultation regarding attachment and trauma therapy. Or, invite Susan to speak to your group, organization, or class.

"Susan is very knowledgeable and creative! I always learn something new when I meet with her.

-LPCS from Charlotte, NC


Sessions are 90 minutes, $90 per hour ($135 per session). Payment is by check, cash, or PayPal. We don't file insurance. Not filing insurance means you do not need to fit into a diagnostic niche and your private information is not available to insurance companies. 

Contact Susan at 828-450-0300 text/phone or

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